Care Programme

Key Worker System

Development records will be maintained for every child in our nursery. Each child will be allocated to an individual member of staff. This member of staff will introduce themselves to you and if you have any worries or concerns they will be available at an appropriate time to speak to you or if you would like to speak to the manager, then feel free to do so. All records remain confidential.

Special Needs

We aim to provide equality for all members of our group, and this includes children with special education needs. Each child is able to progress at her/his own rate in all areas of development and this is true for children with and without disabilities or learning difficulties. We are experienced in working in close liaison with professionals across the range of specials needs and we operate in accordance with the Governments Code of Practice on specials education needs. If you would like to discuss the nursery’s ability to meet your own child’s needs please talk to the Nursery Manager.
Our special education needs policy is available on our parents’ board in the entrance. Our curriculum is differentiated to accommodate children with Special Needs.

Visits and Outings

Visits and outing will be made available on a regular basis to your child. Written consent will be requested when you register your child with us. A risk assessment is always carried out before hand.

Partnership with Parents

Information leaflets on various issues and a directory for sources of help will be available in the entrance area. This has been compiled by our staff with different names and addresses of people who can help you in health, education, PLA, Social Services etc. Please feel free to take any information you are interested in or feel may help you in any way.
Parents are invited to functions, outings and to help with fundraising activities whenever possible e.g. sponsors, raffles etc. Anyone interested please see a member of staff.
Any parents with skills, interests or hobbies that they would like to share with us can come into the Nursery to demonstrate. Please let us know.
Staff are available to talk to parents about the children or other concerns as necessary, such as activities you could do at home with your child names and addresses of speech therapists, support groups etc. We try to encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.