Complaint Procedure

Comments, Compliments & Complaints Procedure

At Eastwood Neighbourhood Nursery we aim to provide the highest quality education and care for all children. We aim to offer a warm welcome to each individual child and family to provide a caring environment with which all children can learn and develop as they play.

We believe child, parents and staffs are entitled to expect courtesy and careful consideration to their needs and wishes. Our intention is to work in partnership with parents and the community generally and we welcome suggestions on how to improve our nursery at anytime. Many conerns can be resolved quickly by an informal approach to the appropriate member of staff. If this does not achieve the desire results, the following procedures should be used.

  • A parent who has any issues about any aspect of the nursery’s provision whether positive or negative should first talk it over with the child’s key worker or the nursery manager. City kids parents should first talk it over with the supervisor.
  • Issues requiring a response will be dealt with as soon as possible.
  • If this does not have a satisfactory outcome within an agreed time or if the problem recurs, the parent should put the concern or complaint in writing to the nursery manager.
  • The problem will be investigated and a written response will be sent.
  • The next stage is to request a meeting with the nursery manager. Both the parents and the manager can have a friend or representatives present if required and an agreed written record of the discussion should be made.

Comments, compliment and complaints forms can be requested from the nursery manager.

Most complaints should be resolved informally or at this initial stage.