'All Year' parents and children will be escorted by a member of staff through the secure coded door to access their child's care room.Term Time' children will be received in the entrance area by our care staff for fire and security reasons.

Picking Up

Parents of 'All Year' children will be allowed to pick up their child from the childcare rooms. 'Term Time' children will be bought down to the entrance area by a member of staff.

If any other persons are collecting your child we must be informed of the details prior to the intended collection by either introducing us to the person who will be collecting them or a photograph of the person collecting them or a telephone call if the arrangements have changed at short notice.  This person must be provided with the password that you have given us on your registration form.  Under no circumstances will your child be released without your former consent and password to give added security.

Settling your child into our nursery

In order to familiarise your child with the nursery, parents are encouraged to visit Eastwood Neighbourhood Nursery prior to the child’s admission there for building up relationships with the nursery staff and surroundings. We want children to feel happy, safe and secure in the absence of their parents/careers encouraging them to develop friendships and being able to share with their parents their experience enjoyed with us. A settling period usually consisting of the following stages is recommended to all parents:

  • Child attending for 1 hour with a parent/carer present
  • Child attending for 1 hour by themselves
  • Child attending for a 2 hour session
  • Child attending for  half a day session

We understand that every child is an individual and that their settling in period may vary. This will be discussed with you on induction and if you feel that your child may need a longer or shorter settling in period then that can be arranged with the Nursery Manager. At the end of the settling in period it is hoped that children will feel safe and happy in the stimulating environment that is offered to them