Why Eastwood

BABY ROOM– From birth to I year (approx.)

Our baby room is very homely, bright and cheerful. The staff will provide lots of love and laughter, as you would expect in your own home.
There will be activity toys, music, mobiles etc. giving lots of stimulation helping your child to progress. We will maintain a diary on a daily basis giving you your child’s daily routine e.g sleeps, meals, nappy changes etc. Also milestones e.g. cutting teeth, first words, steps etc.

TODDLER ROOM-From 1 to 3 years (approx)

Our toddler room is cosy and inviting. The staff will provide lots of love, laughter and learning through a variety of activities to meet this age group e.g. stacking beakers, blocks, soft play etc. Children will be encouraged to explore and become independent. We will maintain diary sheets on your child and record their development for you to see whenever you like.

PRE-SCHOOL- From 3 years (approx)

Our pre-school room is also homely, bright and comforting. The staff will provide lots of opportunities for learning through a varied activity timetable e.g. threading, cutting, painting, drawing etc.
In our pre-school room the children will have great fun learning through play.

  • Physical play - Climbing, balancing, threading, jigsaw etc.
  • Communication/Literacy – Books, singing, role play, dressing up etc.
  • Problem solving – reasoning & numeracy like sorting, matching, counting, reconicing numbers.
  • Knowledge & understanding of the world – Investigating materials, patterns noticing changes, questioning how things happen and how things work.
  • Personal & Social – Sharing taking turns, dressing, toileting, understand different beliefs etc.